Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Hey man, what's up?

Oh, everything and nothing, thanks for asking..

Working on a commission tonight... second of 2. The first I finished earlier today, then slacked. Now this:

Really cute tikes!

AND, I received the newest Naomi Klein book in the mail (which actually isn't new, but..). Started reading, but this weekend was full of the usual holiday chaos. Not familiar? The first thing I read by her was an old Harper magazine article. --a knock-your-socks-off sorta thing.

Holy Crap is this your lucky day or what?!? I just found it online here.

"Tracy, this is a Friedmanite economics expose during wartime-- I'm just not into it"

It's 8 pages (with pics). You'll thank me-- Really. That's how I get all my chocolate, ya know.