Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Elbow Room

A shot from the show at Center Stage in Atlanta with Elbow.
They were absolutely amazing.
It was an inspiring event that I'm so glad we were able to see.
The music was fantastic and the band put on an incredible show.
The rest of our trip we spent meandering the back roads in search of abandoned places .
We found a bunch. Here are some images and more to come.

Elbow's perfect show, and Georgia's beautiful mess of decay

Elbow! What a show! They played in Atlanta, and we took off to see them (an early b-day present from Ralph). It was more amazing than I had built up in my head all these months! A couple clips from the show here:

opening one day like this

And Georgia's never a dull moment for road trips. We spent the next few days wandering the backroads and photo'ing forgotten places and heaps of shambles.