Sunday, August 31, 2008


Music is a very important part of our daily life.
Fortunately we share a very similar taste for music that is normally considered "alternative or ecclectic". We just think it's really good.
Some of the bands that we have been listening to lately...

My Morning Jacket

Unfortunately we waited until the last minute for their show here at House Of Blues & they sold out. DANG!

These guys are incredibly understated but the music is very emotional.

Check out this video."One Day Like This"


Our chicken, Billie. We raised her from a chick. She's getting on in years but lives a pretty good life considering she sleeps on the back of our couch at night.

Our rabbit Maggie

We found this one in our backyard after one of the 2004 hurricanes.

Tracy working on a painting of the band Elbow

Weather is pretty bleak.
Surrounded by massive storms.
Definetely a good day to paint.