Sunday, November 9, 2008

Oh the locking pill caps thing hit home..

I have a list of sites I *should* hit regularly, but I really treat like the week of finals. I know from past experience that the more I waver from a regularly scheduled list of tasks, the more I'm likely to oh... watch youtube videos of 80's bands for an hour and whine that I didn't get anything accomplished...

BTW, the 'finals' reference was to demonstrate how close I am to college age. buyin' it?

My dog had surgery last week. And I'm more than your average pathetic dog owner. --no, she doesn't have a pink mesh bag that I tote her around in... but I did walk out on her vet. Scheduled surgery that I got that movie tinge about last minute... "these people don't know this dog like i do and her life's in danger!" Yah. Who's your drama queen? That'd be me.

Well, scoot forward-- happy ending, surgery's her *new* vet, and the antibiotics... OH! The antibiotics! And their new fandangled container to keep the bird out-- er me out. ANYONE out. *WAIT--when did *this* happen?? That old age "i-can't-open-the-pill-container" thing happened to me.

So My sign that the planets are in alignment happened when I read Ralph's sister's blog here.
I'm not the only "this pill bottle sucks!" game in town.