Friday, September 4, 2009

Call it as ya see it.

Wandering online tonight I found a great charcoal portrait artist from Jacksonville. Haven't seen his work before.


There's a lot of great art out there. A LOT. But sometimes the who-ya-know-not-what-ya-know plays dominance. The public sees sub-par art in the downtown venues, and everyone pays.

Take a minute to look for the good, not necessarily the connected. Here's who I found tonight. an outstanding command of charcoal portraiture with unbelievable emotion.

and the other day. This girl's all over the place with creativity and drive. Always a great read, and on my check-back list.

Who have you seen that needs a shout out?


Anonymous said...

Love the odd get even, keep on painting...good luck with your new blog site! i am not sure if it is "who you know" as much as exposure and getting one good patron who will spread the word about you and come back for more. An artist friend of mine put some of his paintings in a cafe in Richmond and sold 2 pretty quickly. The owner liked having the art work and he liked having the exposure.

Anonymous said...
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jafabrit said...

wow, thanks for the shout out :) I have to agree with you about the charcoal portrait artist, his work is stunning technically. I enjoyed the link, thank you.