Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OK: Let's Go!

Delivered the Amway Center abstracts yesterday. (Yay!)

That being behind me, I can shift gears and focus on several up-coming shows: Next in line is this Saturday night --I'll be live painting at Tastings downtown on the corner of Washington and Magnolia-- it'll be visible from the street, and the venue has a nice crowd-- along with some great wines!!

We were there recently and had a great recommendation from the server. --not a "this has been around a while and we can't sell it-- I think you'll like it" recommendation but a *REAL* "based on your preferences, I think you'd enjoy this" recommendation, and he was ace-on. So we found a new place to actually discover new wines without the guess work.

I'll be showing a couple of my new abstracts from the Magic series as well. You should stop by!!


Chris Hardy said...

thats so cool that your going to be in the new amway!

Elaine Harrigan said...

I love this whole concept of combining live painting with food and wine. I have to pass this on to a group in our area called Artists in Buffalo. They would love this!