Wednesday, August 4, 2010

OK: Let's Go!

Delivered the Amway Center abstracts yesterday. (Yay!)

That being behind me, I can shift gears and focus on several up-coming shows: Next in line is this Saturday night --I'll be live painting at Tastings downtown on the corner of Washington and Magnolia-- it'll be visible from the street, and the venue has a nice crowd-- along with some great wines!!

We were there recently and had a great recommendation from the server. --not a "this has been around a while and we can't sell it-- I think you'll like it" recommendation but a *REAL* "based on your preferences, I think you'd enjoy this" recommendation, and he was ace-on. So we found a new place to actually discover new wines without the guess work.

I'll be showing a couple of my new abstracts from the Magic series as well. You should stop by!!